HRA Finger Jointed Lumber Manufacturing

What is finger jointed lumber? Finger jointed lumber products are manufactured by taking shorter pieces of quality kiln-dried lumber, machining a “finger” profile in each end of the short-length pieces, adding an appropriate structural adhesive, and squeezing the pieces together to make a longer piece of lumber. Although finger jointing is used in several wood product manufacturing processes including the horizontal joints for glulam manufacture, the term finger jointed lumber applies to dimension lumber.

Finger jointed lumber is becoming a very popular and desirable product in the construction industry’s repertoire of engineered wood products.

Finger jointing results in much higher quality and stronger pieces and components, while dramatically reducing waste in our industry where the cost of raw materials is rapidly increasing.

The two most important advantages of finger jointed lumber are straightness and dimensional stability. With short lengths of wood joined into longer pieces, the warping and twisting associated with regular dimension lumber is minimized. The finger jointing process allows the removal of strength reducing defects to produce a product with higher engineering properties.

Vanderhoof Specialty Wood Products has been producing finger jointed lumber since 1996 and is certified under NLGA SPS-3 Standards to produce finger jointed SPF lumber in both “STUD HRA” and “#2 HRA” grades in 2×4 and 2×6 sizes. Finger joint lengths available range from 8ft to 10ft. All finger jointed lumber must pass the rigorous NLGA SPS-3 testing process prior to shipment. Our quality control team monitors product quality on an hourly basis and all finger jointed product is approved, certified, and monitored by Canadian Softwood Inspection Agency aka MacDonald Inspection Services.

Wood Pellets Manufacturing

  • A renewable resource
  • Carbon neutral fuel
  • 100% natural with NO additives
  • Energy Efficient
  • Extremely low ash
  • High BTU value
  • Exceeds industry standards
  • Spruce-Pine-Fir mix
  • Available in 50-40lb bags and 1-ton sacks

Vanderhoof Specialty Wood Products has been producing the Platinum brand wood pellets since 2009 for both domestic and export markets. Platinum pellets is used primarily as heating fuel but due to its 100% all-natural wood fiber with NO additives or preservatives, it can also be used for equine bedding and feline litter.

Below is Platinum pellets summarized laboratory test data as per SGS Canada Inc. Comparative results show that Platinum pellets meet or exceed the industry standards.

If you want a quality wood pellet at an affordable price while reducing your carbon foot print, Platinum pellets is the product of choice.